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Umemamas is a unique parenting group based on the principles of yoga and mindfulness. We offer a nurturing, safe space, promoting peer-to-peer support in an inclusive, non-judgmental and open way, empowering us all to trust our intuition as mamas.


The group starts with a grounding meditation and an appropriate yoga or mindfulness practice. Everyone then has the opportunity to share their experience, to be listened to by the group, and to receive others’ experiential advice if they wish. Those preferring to just listen are welcome to.


Mamas are welcome with or without their children but should be aware if bringing older children that the content of the group is by nature very open and honest.

UMEUS closing circle.


An opportunity for parents to meet and share experiences of the weekend, to ground and reflect on the weekend's practise. A short, guided meditation will be followed by a sharing circle.


Family yoga is a great way to support yourself physically and emotionally as a parent, and you can bring your children too.

  • Reconnect: ground yourself. Children benefit greatly from seeing parents practise yoga and meditation – it helps model how to cope with and ease stress.

  • Rebuild: strengthen, stretch and tone, and increase physical and emotional flexibility to help handle the demands of family life.

  • Increase energy levels: postural awareness and breath work can help create more vitality.

  • Community: meet other like-minded parents

  • And breathe: yoga classes are a great way to centre and focus, find space and to experience just being amidst all that constant doing.

  • Shift self-perception: yoga helps you recognise that nothing is static, so emotional and physical sensations are constantly moving. This can help us to deal with the challenges of parenthood.

  • Enjoy! yoga classes are light, fun and relaxing, setting you up for the day ahead. Children can play or join is as they like. Always advisable to bring a favourite (quiet!) toy and a snack too.

I have been teaching parents and children for nearly a decade now and am passionate about using yoga to help improve people’s experience of parenting.

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