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All welcome

Now in its third year, the Brighton Yoga Festival is open to everyone. Whatever your age, fitness or experience, there will be yoga for you, gentle or dynamic.

Never tried yoga before? Come and give it a go! Love yoga already? Try a new style!

Lots to do

The Brighton Dome Corn Exchange will be filled with free classes, workshops, discussions, therapies, demonstrations, healthy nutrition and much more.

A healthy approach

Experienced yoga practitioners soon discover yoga’s health benefits – as well as feeling fitter, maybe they sleep better, get fewer colds or just find themselves more relaxed and at ease. But even for beginners, yoga can offer a wide range of potential health benefits, from flexibility and improved posture to ways in which you can look after the vital parts of your body, whether your heart, your lungs, your immune system or much more. And the Brighton Yoga Festival seeks to make those benefits available to everyone, for free on the day, regardless of age, health, experience or whether you’ve even thought about trying yoga before.

In the run up to the festival, we’ll soon be featuring a range of articles on the health benefits that can be associated with regular yoga practice and that will be explored at the Brighton Yoga Festival 2016.

A social conscience

Brighton Yoga Festival is not only free, open to all and not for profit. We are also a supporter of several good causes. In our first year, we donated to two local Kemptown organisations – a charity called Lifelines which works with older people in the area (including providing some yoga classes for that group) and the BrightonUnemployed and Families Project. Last year we donated £400 again – this time to the Clocktower Sanctuary, a homelessness charity, to provide free yoga classes to young homeless people in the city.

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