family and kids activities 

2021 schedule TBC


2hr bushcraft activities

1. Bushcraft Adventure



Travel back to the Stone Age and divide into your tribes! Throughout this educational, fun and safe event, children will be introduced to the ways in which our ancestors used to hunt and gather food for themselves. They will use and evaluate a range of primitive weapons (e.g. throwing sticks, spears, spear throwers or bows) that have been simply crafted from the natural resources of the woods around them. They will use these to shoot at targets such as tree stumps and bales of hay. They will gather wild edibles too and learn exactly what’s needed food-wise to survive. The importance of a balanced diet (protein, carbohydrates and vitamins) and balanced energy use in the wilds will be introduced together with issues of safety, respect for wildlife and sustainability. As members of a tribe, children will enjoy exciting games and friendly competitions throughout.

2. Primitive Weapons, Hunters and Gatherers Experience

A fantastic introduction to bushcraft! Learn about fire, shelter, water, wild foods, tracking and getting close to animals and how not to get lost in the Wild. Packed with games and activities throughout, this mini-adventure will also take you on a wilderness trek and introduce you to the wonders of natural resources and the environment around you. It is a great introduction to bushcraft and the countryside and a brilliant opportunity for families and friends to do something together. Kids of all ages from 5 to 95 love it! An experience you are sure to remember for a very long time!


Crafty Sunday


Sunday 11am-1pm

2 lovely meditative activities.

Hapazome is a japanese craft where bashing  flowers and leaves to make pictures and flags.


Nature mobiles using collected things from around the camp into beautiful creations with song !

 other activities



Examples of past Activities include:


  • Kids Yoga classes for 4-7yrs,  7yrs-10yrs*

  • Family yoga ,

  • UMEUS Parenting discussion

  • Fun Family nutrition classes

  • Craft Tent - Clay Play and Nature based Collages - making stuff out of recycled and natural materials - getting stuck in!

  • Fire-making;

  • Bushcraft, nature games, nature art, conservation, biodiversity;

  • Banock bread making and baking on the fire;

  • Beauty in the Woods

  • Interactive Story Telling, Singing - around the fire

  • Circus Skills

  • Making Peg People

  • Hula Hooping!

  • Badminton and football.




Beauty in the Woods

A partner pamper workshop.

Learn about the wonders of honey and how to mix it with natural clays to make revitalising face packs.

Working with a partner you will also experience a relaxing facial and detoxing facial treatment.


Suitable for friends and family over nine years of age. Not suitable for bearded gentlemen! (Sorry – we will make up some beard oil for you next time!)

Come fresh faced without wearing make-up. Bring an improvised pillow.

Be prepared to be pampered and love what you learn at

Beauty In The Woods.

Duration: 1 .5 hours.

Natural Bee Potion honey cosmetics and clay available.

mobile  07779639955


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