teams up with

     elephant Camp
                     July 30- august 1, 2021


It’s about seeing and caring.
It's about love.
It's about unity.
And it starts with the self.

The array of treatments are wonderful - from gorgeous Oil Massage to Shiatsu to Sound healing, from Aromatherapy to Rieki.  You will find something that suits what you need in the hands of a highly experienced practitioner.


We offer a selection of exquisite treatments,

brought to you by handpicked,

professional and highly experienced practitioners.

30 minute treatments:£35.00 

60 minute treatments - £60.00 




8am qi gung

8.30-9.30 yoga

9.45 -10.45yoga 

all classes/treatments

will be able to be pre-booked

shortly on this page.

Opening/ Welcoming gloriously relaxing Sound Bath Friday 5.15pm