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family and kids activities: 2022 schedule tbc

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Arty Farty's Marvellous Mask making Workshops,  The session will be led by Georgia Sawers (Arty Farty). The kids will use a variety of recyclable materials to create something  truly magical.

Design it,  Stick it. Decorate it and then wear it  ...and let "the wild Rumpus start "

 Please come and  join us in a fun hour and a  half  of  creative mayhem..

REALLY WILD example of activities.

  - 2hr bushcraft activities for all ages.

Bushcraft Adventure

A fantastic introduction to bushcraft! Learn about fire, shelter, water, wild foods, tracking and getting close to animals and how not to get lost in the Wild. Packed with games and activities throughout, this mini-adventure will also take you on a wilderness trek and introduce you to the wonders of natural resources and the environment around you. It is a great introduction to bushcraft and the countryside and a brilliant opportunity for families and friends to do something together. Kids of all ages from 5 to 95 love it! An experience you are sure to remember for a very long time!

Bushcraft Arts and Crafts

From wand making, clay creatures, through to bunting/flag making with flower and leaf dye - bashing involved so always goes down well.     

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