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3 Types of treatments
1.  Traditional Thai Massage

This is a 2500 year old art form designed to bring the body into perfect balance. 

A sequence of gentle (but firm) pressure techniques with the thumbs, palms and feet will relax the muscle structure and quieten the mind. Light yoga style stretching is mixed into this massage helping to open the joints and increasing mobility, giving you a boost of energy.

​In a treatment I will 'meet' your body and be guided by where your tension needs support to release.  Using the breath, intention, and thai massage techniques, you will receive a renewed sense of lightness and wellbeing as the sensation of 'holding' is transformed into spaciousness.

Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, clients wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Oils can be added for extra relaxation.  It is suitable during pregnancy.



Systemic and family constellations one-to one sessions

Combining Thai Masssage and mindful breathing techniques, I weave in constellation guidance to nurture and ease emotional pain and potentially gain new self realisations.

After a treatment, my clients report a sense of relief, lightness and movement with rejuvenated reflection and insight.

3.  Systemic and family constellations one-to one sessions


I have always been intrigued to explore the causes of tension, beginning with the view that tension is a teacher.   Having completed the foundation training in Family and Systemic Constellations,  I offer one-to-one sessions.  In the sessions we will 'map' out a constellation appropriate to your situation using objects to represent aspects and people in your 'system'.  This modality allows us to explore your issue in a new light and realise what the system needs in order for it to come into balance and allow love to flow


'Having a massage with Janee is not only releasing and regenerating for the body, but also for the mind and soul. She understood the needs of my mind and body as soon as she started to work on me. If I lived in Hove, I would see her every week because I'm convinced I'd live at least a decade longer with her in my life!" 

Lucy Jago Briggs

Its not too much to say that Janee transformed my life in a session. I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally, yet Janee managed to ground me, relax me, focus me and energise me to a point that I felt ready to be with the world again. Perhaps most uniquely she combined massage with a light and thorough systemic questioning style that broke through to a quiet and profound place, which still resonates usefully for me, weeks after treatment. Simply, thank you!  

Crispin Redwood


£45/hour, £65  hour and half.


For appointments please contact: 

mobile  07779639955

E-MAIL: janeeswan1@gmail.com

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