family and kids activities


2hr bushcraft activities!

With our wonderful forest school trained teacher Laura: Saturday and Sunday at 10.30am - 12.30pm 

Bushcraft Skills

A green woodwork session making woodland people and animals.  Can be done simply for younger kids, and more involved for older kids, so all are welcome.


Woodcraft and Bushcraft

A real opportunity to play in the woods! There will be fire lighting, the chance to saw and drill your own yoga camp wooden medallion, den building and plenty to discover. 

Soul stitching and Block printing

Cloth loving Abigail has been soul sewing since childhood. Joining in her workshops will take your kids on a journey of discovery turning a bundle of scrap fabrics and some sheep's wool into take home mascots and toys. Bring your own clean favourite outgrown clothes and give them a new cuddly life.

Suitable for all ages over 5

Crafty Cool Creations'

  • Fantastical Mask Making. 

  • Nature mobiles using coected things from around the camp into beautiful creations.

  • Dream Catchers and Wands and Weaves

Family and Kids Yoga

Morning sessions to start the day in a fun and stretchy way !

Build a go-kart out of a pallet!

This activity is great for bigger kids (age recommendation is 11 years plus), giving them some hands-on experience of working with wood and creating something out of what may appear to be “junk”. Every year thousands of pallets go to land-fill, so why not find something much better to do with them – and turn them into a go-kart?

It's always fun to saw things up, hammer them together and there may even be a power tool or two being used. All closely supervised of course. Because of that we will have to keep numbers quite limited – a maximum of 10 children only in this case.

One thing is of course to build a basic structure for the go-kart, but the creative side can go further than that, and with other recycled materials we’ll be funking up our creation in true grease-lightning style!

Parents are most welcome to hang around and even get stuck in!

About Scott Doane

Scott runs team building activities for a living, but normally in Spain, where he lived for 13 years. Now he’s back in the UK but still flying out occasionally to do just this kind of activity with groups of adults, who he turns into kids for the day. You can see more about his activities in

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