massages and treatments



Why not totally indulge in a therapeutic,

deeply relaxing massage?


The deeply nourishing therapies  include:

  • Deep tissue 

  • Holistic massage

  • Massage with Live Crystal Sound healing

  • Structural Rebalancing

  • Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian ) massage

  • Thai Massage

We will have a pre-booking facility on this page for the camp and also at Yogacamp reception.



Structural Rebalancing’ is a holistic approach to bodywork and fundamentally about Structural Balance in the body. 


What often happens when muscles and joints are worked in a session is that patterns or positions of bones, joints and muscle/fascial tissue start to change.  Some of the more serious imbalances are e.g. prolapsed discs (slipped discs). Sometimes local nerve aggravation can cause pain within and around the back and body. Tight (hyper) and loose (hypo) muscle can be apparent locally. This approach has proven to be great for working with even these strong difficult cases.


Typically in a first session, after consultation and structural assessment, muscles and joints are mobilised and taken through ranges of motion to assess ease of movement.  The body is worked on bilaterally to relay a sense of balance in the movement and work. 

SR is useful for people who suffer from acute and chronic conditions of the musculo-skeletal system and for individuals who want to use it as a preventative type of bodywork to help alleviate stress that may build up in the tissue. 

Massage with live Crystal bowl healing

 I work with a fairly deep Massage, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and surrounding soft tissue to release any imbalances in the nervous system, meridians, lymph etc.  Speeding up healing and slowing down the mind. A bit like having a tune up. And finishing with some crystal bowl sound healing to balance the more subtle energy in your spine and energy field. 

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is the traditional healing massage of Hawaii. Rooted in Aloha, Love. A deeply nurturing and enriching treatment. Hannah uses her hands, forearms and bodyweight to create deeply connected, flowing strokes from head to toe gliding over and under the body.