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Shakti Dance

Shakti Dance is Dance of Yoga

Merge with the life force and give expression to the soul impulse and connect with the wonderful feeling of expansion and freedom through the art of yoga dance.

I will be leading a session of the different stages of Shakti Dance starting tuning in with a mantra and mudra (hand gestures) followed by sitting and standing stretches in motion that will lead to learning a few steps and then to a free flow dance that allow the people to go wild and dance in total freedom of expression whatever that is, then relaxation and ending with the learning of a hand gesture mudra with singing a mantra. The whole process is engaging and fun. 



My name is Pema Varela.

Born in Chile, I have practiced yoga since 1990.
Studying to be an actress I discover yoga through a company of dance yoga theater.
Based in the UK since 1994 I have been dedicated to the study of yoga and dance and to apply this knowledge throughteaching.

I have studied with amazing and talented teachers like Iyengar, Edward Clark  director of the tripshichore theater dance company, Sara Avtar creator of Shakti Dance and many more

Founder of "la casa sana" healing center near Barcelona where I taught yoga and held healing retreats and ceremonies for many years.

I became a Shakti Dance teacher in the UK and currently I teach in Forest Row, East Sussex and on private retreats in Ibiza and Barcelona.

Saturday Evening tickets 


all welcome -lets dance!

£13.50 p/p



1 Adult

7.30pm - 10.30pm FRIDAY 10 June

5 rhythms group dance leading into therapuetic thai massage, Kirtan and followed by fireside entertainment. 



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