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           UMEUS are proud to be Yoga Camp partners, bringing you
                    yoga, mindfulness and counselling for parents

UMEspace will be bringing inspirational yoga for all the family: kids yoga, parent & toddler yoga and REST yoga for women - deep, restorative yoga asana, meditation, pranayama and nidra with family constellation work. 

For regular classes, workshops and community see

For UMEspace and Yoga Camp day retreats see

UMEbe will bring family friendly mindfulness sessions

For regular classes, workshops  and community, see

UMEmamas and UMEpapas sessions offer the chance for parents to discuss in an open and nurturing space how the experience of being a parent feels, using yoga, mindfulness and peer to peer discussion to evolve conscious responses.

For weekly meet ups in Brighton, as well as thriving online communities of conscious, non judgemental parents sharing their experiences, join:
for mums of babies and toddlers
for mums of primary school kids

for mums of pre-teens and teenagers

for dads

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