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BREATHE - wellness area -

treatments and YOGA Classes

Massage opening hours

friday 4-7pm 
Saturday/Sunday:  9am - 7pm
choose from:
  • therapuetic thai massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Holistic oil
  • hot stones
  • reflexology
  • indian head
  • abdominal/womb
  • myofacial release
meet our local team and their Treatments....
janee swan

Thai massage or Thai massage/deep tissue fusion.  

A sequence of gentle (but firm) pressure techniques with the thumbs, palms and feet will relax the muscle structure and quieten the mind. Light yoga style stretching is mixed into this massage helping to open the joints and increasing mobility, giving you a boost of energy.

​In a treatment I will 'meet' your body and be guided by where your tension needs support to release.  Using the breath, intention, and thai massage techniques, you will receive a renewed sense of lightness and wellbeing as the sensation of 'holding' is transformed into spaciousness.

Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, clients wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Oils can be added for extra relaxation.  It is suitable during pregnancy.

Holistic deep relaxation massage 

Oil massage focussed on deep relaxation using a variety of techniques to gently lull you into a deep and blissful state of relaxation.

Leonie Taylor

Therapeutic Thai Massage is a traditional form of bodywork that forms part of Thai medicine. I work on the body using various techniques; hands, feet, elbows, scarves, spoons, heated herbal compresses, herbs and liniments can all be employed to release tension and stagnation in the skin, soft tissue, joints and bones, and around the organs, restoring harmony, balance, and flow.

Each session includes a consultation so that treatment is appropriate and effective. Depending on what you need personally, and in response to your constitutional element, treatment may be deeply relaxing or energising and revitalising.

Therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage:
Thai Massage can be applied to help with issues such as headaches, knee, back, shoulder and neck pain, premenstrual tension and many other issues. It is also very effective for long-term conditions, from Multiple Sclerosis to Fibromyalgia, or after a stroke or illness, where it can help reconnect you to your body and a felt sense of your body.

Therapeutic Thai Massage can be done on anyone, of any age and physical ability, as it is entirely adapted to suit your needs, following a detailed consultation. It is deep and healing for body and mind.

Adrianna clearwing


Therapies Offered:

Adrianna offers various treatments including invigorating Swedish Massage for a balanced body, subtle and powerful Myofascial Release for trauma discharge, gentle and effective Abdominal & Womb Massage for reproduction and digestive ailments, Indian Head Massage for pure relaxation and much needed Pregnancy Massage for supporting our beautiful mothers.


About Adrianna:

Adrianna offers care and restoration using touch techniques to people who want to reclaim their health in a way that is nourishing and invigorating. Through her therapies she aims to increase well-being in the world using heart opening experiences in safe environments assisting people to connect to their body and take control of their own healing journey. Adrianna is only as good a catalyst as you let her be - this is not about fixing or controlling - this is about being another part of your journey and acceptance of both abilities as powerful creators.



Nicola Grainger


Having had the pleasure of living, working and travelling in various countries around the world I have experienced many different forms of holistic treatments, Ayurvedic yoga massage in India, Thai massage in Thailand, cupping in Hong Kong, accupressure, acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology and aromatherapy to name a few.

I have used essential oils and natural remedies such as Bach flower remedies and the traditional lemon, honey and ginger since I can remember, the natural approach is always my first choice when confronted with a cold, toothache, headache or strained muscle etc

My treatments include Deep Tissue, Holistic, Reflexology and I specialise in Hot Stones.

Hot Stones:

Hot stones have been used as a healing aid for thousands of years with evidence from the Native Americans, Hawaii and Africa; Ayurveda in India, Bian stones & Moxabustion in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


It is a form of thermotherapy (Heat therapy) which increases the blood flow by vasodilation(opening of the blood vessels), increasing oxygen uptake and improving other chemical pathways, triggering the sympathetic nervous system, blocking pain pathways, accelerating metabolism, aiding muscle relaxation and decreasing joint stiffness. 


The stones are smooth basalt, volcanic rock, heated in hot water. They retain heat well aiding in the dispersion of heat in to the body tissues. A carrier oil or aromatherapy oils will be applied to the body to aid the stones movement across the skin, before introducing the dried, warmed stones, using the usual strokes as you would find in a classical massage but with the added benefit of heating the muscles and fascia faster allowing for a deeper treatment, increased blood stimulation & lymphatic drainage. 


Hot stone therapies may also not be suitable for those with neuropathy or nerve damage or loss of feeling, those taking medication that is sensitive to heat changes, the increased heat may cause medication absorption rate to alter or be accelerated and those on cortisone medications may be more prone to bruising. 


Hot stone massage can be beneficial for and not limited to  


Decreased muscle pain and stiffness 

Improved joint movement 

Improved detoxification 

Aided relaxation  

Reduced stress 

Improved sleep 

Increased feeling of well being 

Alison Wheeler


Ali Jane has been a bodywork practitioner for 15 years and over that time has studied a wide range of healing arts and disciplines. Each treatment is adapted to the needs of the individual and Ali pulls on her experience of multiple techniques and practices a deep intuitive listening in order to provide the most nourishing, healing, relaxing and restorative treatment for her clients. Ali can always blend the different treatments to suit specific needs and holds a safe and nurturing space for everyone she treats.  


Deep Tissue massage 

Using Oil and deep tissue techniques, acupressure and trigger points to release tension and aches held in the muscles. Ali works as deep as the body allows but never forces, instead gently encourages the body to let go. 


Thai massage 

Wearing comfortable clothing - using acupressure and passive stretches to release blockages and increase energy flow in the body.


Thai Fusion massage 

A blend of Thai and Deep tissue techniques to enjoy the depth of acupressure alongside the nourishment of a therapeutic oil massage.


Holistic deep relaxation massage 

Oil massage focussed on deep relaxation using a variety of techniques to gently lull you into a deep and blissful state of relaxation.


Head , neck and shoulders  

Can be with oil or no oil focussing on these common problem areas to relieve muscular aches and tension. Indian Head massage techniques are used for ultimate relaxation and relief. 



Working on the feet using talc powder and oil the whole body can be treated through the feet. Particular problem areas can be focussed on according to need. 

Yoga classes:

9am - 9.50am ,Saturday and Sunday

10am-10.50am, Sunday

Mixed classes with wonderful yoga teachers

£9 per class

Practicing Yoga