2022 Workshop descriptions:

Image by Eric Muhr

friday evening 

land Ground and Unwind Gwyneth Curtis

Land: settle in to your full embodied presence and into our wonderful surroundings

Ground: feel yourself supported to fully feel and express yourself

Unwind: relax and receive a sweet welcome!



Together we go on a  deeply nourishing sound journey with Maria.  It promises to be a powerful experience with your voice and its effects on your body and energetic system, clearing and reviving.

Maria seamlessly blends her vast toolkit of sound medicine, drawn from decades of working with the voice as a tool for healing, sound therapy and her time spent studying in the rainforests of Peru with medicine men and women who use sound as a proven tool for inner healing.



INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC performance Miriam Kisters

Ragas are soliloquies and meditations, passionate melodies that draw circles and triangles in a mental space, a geometry of sounds that can turn a room into a fountain, a spring, a pool.”

– Octavio Paz

Dhrupad is the most ancient form of Hindustani Music. The word Dhrupad is derived from Dhruva (fixed, steadfast) and Pada (word, composition). Dhrupad evolved from the earlier chanting of OM, the sacred syllable which claimed in Hindu canon to be the source of all creation.

Nourish your soul : Come and join me for a sweet, restful evening with the performance of Raag Yaman. You are welcome to bring a blanket and a cushion, sit in meditation or lie down and enjoy the restful sound of this Raga, which is also known as the Raga of tranquility. During this 20 minute performance, you can dive into the stillness and poetry of this music. After the performance there will be time of a Q&A. 

saturday  and sunday 

VAJRASATI yoga JimTarran

Journey into the heart of practice

This workshop is for you if you’re:

⭕️New to yoga and want to learn from one of the countries longest standing and most well respected teachers.

 ⭕️A keen practitioner who wants to see how deep the rabbit hole goes

⭕️A yoga teacher trainer wanting to learn more

⭕️A yoga teacher wanting to get some of your questions answered

The workshop will be a deep dive into the heart of  yoga. You will leave having had a lot of fun. You will have also learned, experientially, how yoga practice cleans off habitual ‘veils’.  You will experience that when these veils are lifted your pristine, ever free heart centre is revealed.

The class will involve movement, breath work and visualisation. See you there!

reconnect Leonie Taylor 

Yoga and Thai massage work beautifully together to bring you into a state of grounded, calm embodied awareness. In this accessible and inclusive workshop we will explore playful and expansive yoga movement meditation and breathwork to bring us into greater connection with deeper compassion for the body.


At a time when we have been starved of and overly cautious of touch, we will also explore guided, therapeutic Thai self-massage techniques. Massage can bring us back into our bodies in a real and vibrant way and compassionate, and touch has huge potential to help gently release pain, trauma and anxiety held in the body.


transformation Leonie Taylor 

A gentle, compassionate and soothing class to bring attention to and nourish the female body at all stages of life. From menarche through pregnancy, post-natal and menopause, each natural cycle allows us the opportunity to transform and heal. We will practise deep, compassionate listening and share our experiences of being in our body in the present, followed by nourishing yoga practises and self massage to bring deep love to the bodies that have journeyed with us, carrying us through life. This workshop will be a love song to womanhood, nurturing us back into self acceptance and celebration of all that we are, individually and as a community.

free Your True Voice Alison David

Alison will explore with you the blocks to self expression, share her tips, and encourage you to have fun liberating your voices.  The voice is a sound healing tool and too often we are told to be quiet. 

Freeing our voices includes non verbal sounds, our words and opinions as well as any form of creative expression in the world. 

free Your True Voice AND BE HEARD Alison David

In this advanced workshop we will be creating safe space to each liberate our expression, be it sounds, words, songs or ideas.  As we witness ourselves and each other, we will explore the ways we judge and mute ourselves so that we can choose to be more accepting and allowing and enjoy the freedom and healing this gives on many levels in our lives.


Breath, the elements and stillness   Dot Bowen

Moving between the qualities of earth (stability) and space (expansion)  through focus on the beautiful breath, and appreciation of the dynamic potentials of water, fire and air.

Reaching Inwards  Dot Bowen

An enquiry into the work of Vanda Scaravelli and her focue on awakinging the intelligence of the spine.

Yoga enables us to explore our connection to life in a way that is relevant, meaningful and compassionate to who and where we are in our lives. There is nowhere to ‘get to’. Once we begin to practice in this way, a deep release of old patterns is possible, and freedom can return on many levels. We notice a deep sense of lightness and vitality arising.


Through practice, we gradually let the body remember lost connections and thereby return to 'itself'.  This innate intelligence is at the core of life on earth, governed by gravity and breath.  We are invited to let go and fully enjoy our wonderful living selves, at one with the cosmic forces that support us! 

Energy Medicine Yoga Lianne Campbell

Incorporating a unique blend of yoga, energy techniques and meditation to support your immune system, experience more vitality and cultivate a sense of spaciousness and peace in mind and body.

The Daily Energy Practice  Using simple somatic practices to stimulate our natural flow of energy and mobilise our inner forces to create a strong foundation of good health and vitality.


Learn simple techniques to:


  • Boost energy levels & bring more vitality into your life

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Improve clarity of mind and focus

  • Improve ability to learn and retain information

  • Cultivate peace

  • Create habits that support your aspirations

Kundalini Yoga  Tamsin (Tej Gopal Kaur)

Kundalini Yoga is ideal for all and is a proven way to relieve stress, strengthen your body, and calm your mind – you will look, feel and perform better.
Spiritually and physically rewarding, these classes are a combination of dynamic breath (pranayama), exercises, mantra and meditation. You will experience a profound sense of well-being, creativity and personal transformation as a result.
This practice will unite your body, mind and soul, taking you to a place of peace- ready for whatever life throws at you.

Body my dance Emma Roberts

My Body My Dance conscious movement/dance session.


The dance is
a poem of
which each
is a word


Play in your own flesh and bones and give space, breath and permission to that creative force which is forever unfolding. Everyone can dance and everything can be a dance. This is a joyful session to reconnect to the part of you that loves to dance. Everyone one is welcome with no previous experience needed.


Emma Roberts has been teaching movement and dance for the past 25 years. She is an accredited 5 Rhythms teacher, a somatic educator, and a movement/drama therapist. She offers classes, workshops and retreats in the UK and internationally.

luna rhythms yoga Diana Sampson

Luna Rhythms Yoga - This class will be working with the specific moon phase of the day to bring an experience that is deeply aligned to natures rhythms within ourselves and in the environment around us. Prepare to dive deep in this unique and powerful session. We will work with intention setting, sound, mudra, breath work, asana, mediation and deep levels of surrender, to access our true nature, using Nature as our greatest guru


Embodying lovingkindness Leonie Taylor

A workshop practically manifesting the wonderful meditation of Metta Bhavana (the cultivation of Loving kindness). Working through meditative Yoga asana and pranayama to observe body and breath with kindness; expanding to explore safe, compassionate and connective touch through guided Thai Massage techniques (you can come with a friend you would like to work with or come alone). We will also practise mantra and meditation to encompass the contemplation of Metta for all. 


Classes are sacred, soulful & inspirational offerings peppered with functional anatomy (the science of the body) and steeped in her deep knowledge of Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Mudra (symbolic or ritual gesture), Yoga Sutras (teachings), Mantra & the Esoteric System (chakras).



Yoga for anxious times Lisa  Morris

In this workshop you will explore the mind and body’s experience of anxiety, in a supportive group space. Expect to learn about what happens in our bodies when we feel anxious. You will be encouraged to try out movement, breathing and relaxation techniques, and to self reflect and self-inquire throughout the workshop. In this space you also have the option of sharing and listening in small groups about what you notice.

restorative yoga with oils -Nicole Allen

Take the chance to wind down from an energised morning and surround yourself with the amazing smells of essential oils complimenting the practice. Restorative yoga uses props such as pillows, blankets and bolsters to create a fully relaxing yoga practice where we hold asanasfor 5-7 minutes. 

You will leave the class feeling restored, open-minded, and at peace. Open to all abilities, variations taught. 

We use Doterra oils topically on the skin. They are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your yoga practice. Inside many plants are hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, bark,which are concentrated, and these natural compounds are essential oils.

partner Thai Massage  Nikki Berridge


In times where we are more confined to our homes, and the need to reduce stress and nurture connection, why not bring your friend/loved one to this massage workshop.

Simple ancient massage techniques taught for you to use regularly at home.

Please bring a mat/blanket and pillow if possible for comfort.

It will be fun and relaxing.

Yoga Music Flow Lucy Small

A modern yoga practice can make your body stronger and more flexible but, for me, the connection between body, mind and soul outweighs those lovely bonuses. When we move and find stillness together, we find connection within ourselves and each other. Yoga helps your mind to stay present and within this process you may find moments of peace in your soul.

Lucy prides herself in being thoroughly inclusive and friendly, giving lots of different options for lots of different bodies.  She is  also a DJ and radio presenter so my music playlist is meticulously planned.  And I sometimes crack bad jokes.



youth yoga Sharon Gilbert

Fun and engaging classes for youths of all abilities. Students will practice breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, visualisations, and relaxation activities

Saturday theme - sensory Earth yoga & mindfulness 

Sunday theme - love & kindness 

My teaching path is to ensure that Yoga & Mindfulness is inclusive for everyone..my training includes many paths including yoga for PTSD.

My classes tend to combine the principles of Hatha, Yin and Flow. staying true and rich to the philosophy of yoga.

I adore teaching all levels, am passionate about working with youths and have recently introduced the yoga & Mindfulness Ambassador Programme . Sharing my knowledge and inspiring youngsters with tools to regain balance and contentment.  I look forward to offering yoga to all.


INSIGHT THROUGH FELT SENSE Sacha Allistone and Janee Swan

Together we will create a safe and alive space of potential in which we can explore some of the patterns and limiting ways of being that hold us back in life.  Through Bodily Somatics and Deep listening, we can reveal hidden realities. 


Come along and safely explore any burning issue/aspect of your life whether that is family, work, relationships, finances, personal projects or anything else.

Sacha is a Psychosynthesis Counsellor and Janee is a  Holistic therapist and Somatic Enquiry Coach with over 20 years experience between them, they hold a gentle space together with loving kindness.

Kuṇḍalinī: The Lived Experience, Psychology and Eastern Metaphysics - Ann Mathie


We will discuss the evolution of Kuṇḍalinī in Ancient Indian traditions and the make-up of the psyche according to Samkhya and Tantric Philosophy.  We will explore the effects that a Kuṇḍalinī rising can have on the psyche and how this is framed in Indian ancient traditions with the support of yogic and tantric texts.  We will explore the importance of ritual and symbology framed by tantric traditions.  We will also unpack the meaning of the 'sun and moon' in the subtle body mechanisms of Kuṇḍalinī in the body. These ancient ideologies based on textual research will be compared to the lived experiences of people who have been through spontaneous arousals or have triggered a kundalini experience through meditative practice.



Gentle Yoga postures and light pranayama to relax and stretch the body to prepare for a comfortable seated meditation of traditional tantric Laya Yoga.  We will first examine the structure, feeling and essence of solids (earth), water, air, and fire.  We will apply our sensory experience of these elements to examine them in our bodies. As prescribed in tantric literature, we will dissolve each element into the tattwas (components that make up the self) until we arrive at unified open awareness. There will be simple rituals to prepare for this practice.​


Kuṇḍalinī: Navigating the Lived Experience


In this, we will explore the path laid out by the Buddha and how Kuṇḍalinī energy is used in Samadhi or Jhana type practices for liberation.  We will explore the 16 stages of insight and how the experiences of advanced meditators map on to the experience of a Kuṇḍalinī rising.  We will discuss how the Buddhists navigate some of the more challenging aspects which can arise as a result of this awakening.


We will start with gentle Yoga postures and light pranayama to relax and stretch the body to prepare for comfortable seated meditation.  We will then practice loving-kindness meditation to lighten applying the mind followed by mindfulness of the breath.  We will use techniques for withdrawal of the senses before we practice concentration on the breath.  We will then start to concentrate our minds on the breath to cultivate access concentration (a preparatory state before jhana, Buddhist samadhi).  We will end with an investigation of the phenomena arising as passing through the body.

All the practices are drawn from a rich range of text relevant to the traditions discussed in the talk before the practice.  

Indian Classic singing workshop - Miriam Kisters.

Dhrupad: Take your Voice on a Journey Within

Dhrupad is the most ancient form of Hindustani Music.

It evolved from the earlier chanting of OM, the sacred syllable which claimed in Hindu canon to be the source of all creation.

In Dhrupad, we use our voice as a form of prayer to become one with God.

All teaching of Indian Music is based in call and response, so no previous experience necessary.

In this workshop, we will explore some basics of Raag Yaman.

The entire course is based in call and response. We will sing the melody of the raga and dive deep into a state of wellbeing and connection.

The idea is to get lost in the focus and magic of the melody.

‘Miriam is taking me through the journey of healing my voice, with deep listening, and sacred sound. Raga is a prayer. After each lesson, I feel blessed. ’

Marie-Helene Dalia Boyle

‘Miriam is a gift, Her classes can be personally healing, resetting long held narratives and opening your mind to the possibility that art is a spiritual practice available to everyone.’

Jim Tarran

rhythm of earth and fire!  Nova Milesko

In this workshop we will explore the importance of our roots in Flow Yoga by working with the universal Shakti (the power behind the manifest universe) in the forms of Earth and Fire.  Earth represents our body and our spine. It has the power to support, carry, resist and sustain.Fire represents the flame of the soul. It has the power to transform and enliven.Join in this energetic and enlivening flow yoga workshop with Music and sound bath where you will learn how to work with gravity (and anti-gravity!) as well as inner magnetism  experienced as the heat generated by your focussed intention and unbroken stream of awareness  . We will learn how to tune in and resonate with the inherent rhythm of our bodies through liberating movement meditations, creative sequences of stances and asanas that relate to our inner strength and the capability to nourish rather than deplete ourselves of life force.

Water and Fire Flow Nova Milesko

In this workshop we will get together to honour this important transition. Come and enjoy a class consisting of fluid movement meditations, fire breath and fire kriyas, flow yoga , mantras, world music, and some special treats.

Harnessing Fire we navigate through this transition and times of great transformation

We will flow through energising yoga sequences that relate to the element Water Shakti with flowing and wild play. Come, and be playful! 

Shakti Yoga Tess Johns

What does Shakti mean? In yoga, the word shakti means “power” and “divine feminine,” usually in reference to energy. Shakti empowers us to be luminous, radiant, creative, and in-flow with the universe.

SHAKE-  Valerie Watkinson

An exhilarating yoga class, aimed at creating a feeling of aliveness in every cell of the body. we will shake the body, tap the soul, roar out through the throat, and shine out through the heart. we will move through a vocabulary of different qualities of movement as we extend, contract, lift and release. giving an overall feeling of joy, bliss, and a pinch of fun!