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brings:the woodland spa 

                  wellness treatments  and classes 

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Opening hours:

Friday: 4-7pm 
Saturday/Sunday:  8am - 6pm
Qi Gung: Sat/Sun: 8am-8.50am
Yoga: Sat/Sun: 9am-9.50am
1 hr Massage £55
All classes £10
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Oil massage focused on deep relaxation using a variety of techniques to gently lull you into a deep and blissful state of relaxation.

Thai Massage/Deep tissue fusion

The body is opened, nourished, lightened and stretched. The whole body is included with a range of pressure points and deep release work. Only going as deep a your body allows/ is ready for.


Reflexology is the application of specific pressure by the use of the practitioner’s hand, thumb and fingers to a reflex map resembling a human body which is believed to exist on the extremities. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Using Oil and deep tissue techniques, acupressure and trigger points to release tension and aches held in the muscles. Deep tissues works is best when as deep as the body allows but never forces, instead gently encourages the body to let go. 


Shiatsu is a healing art, originating in Japan, which uses the power of touch and pressure to enable each of us to contact our own natural self -healing qualities.

Qi Gong: 8am - 8.50am

Qi Gong is a tonic for the mind body and soul with its gentle flowing standing movemnts encompassing the breath, and the elementals inside and outside your body.

Yoga: 9am -9.50am

Awaken and stretch your body mind and spirit with this wonderful practice with our experienced and compassionate teachers.  All levels welcome!

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