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We are delighted to continue to

host and share

special  and pleasurable 'pauses' in your busy lives.

Your hosts Tom  and Janee have over 20 years + experience

curating 'Wellness' areas

for large festivals

and small events in the UK,

including Big Chill Festival in 2002 called 'Body and Soul'.  

Bestival, Latitude, Starry Skies, Elderflower festival, 

and for the last 6 years at Love Supreme

Being very family orientated, we welcome families to join in

and feel the  creativity, love and trust

which are at the heart of the way we work with  our friends and partnerships.

 Janee also works as a thai massage practitioner, Somatic Coach and yoga teacher.  Mother and lover of all things promoting vibrant health, she loves drawing people together and creating space where people can relax and be themselves.


Sweet Husband Tom is the scaffold behind the vision.  He is the rigger, tree surgeon, electrician, barista extraordinaire and runs the Whirled Espresso bar - a converted horse box whipping you up delicious drinks and snacks.  Everyone benefits from a Tom in their life!

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