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Nikki Berridge

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About Nikki

I qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Swedish Massage along with Baby massage, Nutrition and Reiki but when I discovered the ancient art of traditional Thai massage, with its roots solidly in Buddhism Philosophy, Mindfulness and Metta -Loving Kindness, it was simple and clear that this would be my deep and focused ongoing study. With this as my Craft, it is my absolute honour over the past 20 years to have worked with both individual clients and business and then teaching, across the South West.  

Apart from my Traditional Thai Massage & Teaching, I have recently co-authored ‘How Am I?’ a Charting Book and am passionate about deepening the positive Menstrual Awareness shift that our wider society is exploring. At Howami we particularly focus on Mental Wellbeing within the female Cycles and we provide education and support in the Community around this topic. If you are interested in our work please go to to join our newsletter and check out our Offerings.

Nikki Berridge, tell us..........

1. How do you like to start your day?


I look to the sky. I feel blessed to have windows above my bed. 

Connect to Nature. Check

Then I breathe mindfully. 

Connect to Self. Check.

Then I wake up my body, Bed yoga stretch and twist whichever way feels good. 

Connect to my Body. Check.

As soon as I meet my children, husband, dog or cats I stop and hug..... a long hug.

Connect to Love. Check.

Simple and Manageable. Check.

Beaming smiles and a full present heart. 

Suitcase for my day. Check.



2. Top tip on including self care into your day?


Integration of radical Rest. I 'cat nap' or do short Yoga Nidra daily out of necessity as I have a condition: narcolepsy, whose medicine for me is just this. I thoroughly encourage this for everyone, to find time that works for them in their lives for the 'mini pause'. 

Stop…face to sun, in wind, or rain...Feel embodied...walk barefoot on earth…Feel alive...Lovely.


Music is also very present in life and stopping to dance in gratitude to my body and celebration of life always brings me joy in physical expression.


"It takes courage to say yes to rest & play in a culture where exhaustion is often seen as a status symbol." Brene Brown


3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

My Yoga teacher and friend Sheena who brings effortless gentleness and softness with complete authenticity to her Yoga. It blew my mind when we first met years ago and she showed me her elemental feminine style & that yoga was about self awareness and a journey of exploration within, not how many poses I could perfect or how long I could 'hold' down dog. This utterly transformed my approach to Yoga and utterly resonates with my work as a traditional Thai masseuse (nicked named lazy man's yoga).

She also has a Nidra club offering seasonal recordings.


4. Name a yoga pose that you love and why?

Prayer position. I use this often throughout my days, it's simply Heart Connection. It ignites my mindful practice of compassion/metta, of loving kindness. For me it is also physical mudra anchoring me into the realization of 'interconnectedness', and welcoming to 'Oneness', but it also allows me to bring reverence & gratitude of myself and Others, into my daily comings and goings.

I normally wake up with a foot and ankle mobilisation sequence in bed called the running man/woman. It helps to keep my joints juicy. Then I stand outside on my balcony and breathe in the ocean and the birds singing. Love to jump into the ocean for a swim and enjoy the rays of the sun creating prisms of light in the seascape.

Nicole Allan

Nicole knows a thin g or 2 about Self-Love. - beginning with self acceptance:  Here is what she shares:


❤️I've stopped finding happiness in a body type. There is NO IDEAL BODY TYPE. Not to forget that the “type” changes every decade! From curves, to skinny, to big bums, to big lips.

Happiness cannot be found only in plastic surgery, weight lose, or bulking.


❤️Live more in the present moment, just a moment each day. Let’s stop the endless pursuit of perfection and look into yourself, seeing and appreciating how far you’ve come.


❤️Daily Gratitude - I’ve learned to mentally or physically write down what I am grateful for. My body, my breathing, my friends, movement. Do this everyday.


❤️Face your negative thoughts. I have assessed if I’m being kind to myself. Is what I think true? Does that negative thought benefit me?


❤️Tighten your social circle. I have way less friends than I had a school. But the friends I surround myself with now are supportive, loving, and love me!!


Loving yourself is found within yourself, inside is what matters.


Nicole Allan, tell us..........


1. How do you like to start your day?

By either heading to watch the sunrise on the beach, going for a pool or sea swim, and never skipping breakfast! ​

2. Top tip on including self care into your day?

 One of the first ways I offer self care into my morning routine is when I wash my face and do my skin care. I love to really massage the cream into my skin and use a massaging face tool to help wake up. I also enjoy heading for walks on my own and being at one with my thoughts. It offers me a chance to just 'be', and take in the world. Of course, yoga is a massive part of my life and yoga is part of my lifestyle. Lastly, not to forget to mention, paddle boarding. That feeling of floating on top of the water is like no other. 

3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

I am always inspired by smaller yoga businesses that don't let big brands and social media accounts stop them from pursuing their dreams. Take my friend @daisybfitness she is such a hard worker, and teaches many yoga classes. She also has 2 other part time jobs and still is totally dedicated to her yoga journey and teachings. She inspires me to keep involving, growing and learning in my own yoga practice and my business, Breathe With Ease.

4. Name a yoga pose you love and why?
I love three legged downdog  (Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana) . Not only does it allow many parts of the body to stretch and open, but it also enables you to build strength in your wrists and shoulders. I find the asana feels amazing for my back, I can fully release tension in my neck, it is energising and makes me feel powerful. 

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