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CHetana Thronton









Chetana teaches a wide range of yoga incorporating the eight limbs of yoga into her teachings since she first studied in India at the age of 17. Chetana’s teaching guides us into internal bandhas to facilitate core strengthening. She creates fluid transitions through the asana practice facilitating to music, structured uniquely according to a theme depending on time of day, environment, group, and yoga therapy focus. Chetana teaches to evoke inner balance, supporting true alignment in the body on and off the mat, to encourage practitioners to integrate the yogic philosophy in life. For this reason Chetana often teaches and coordinates Karma and Bhakti yoga charity fundraisers and events helping to bridge the gap between yoga and the global community. 


 She brings in the elements of ayurvedic wisdom, inner body and energy body awareness, mudras, and pranayama to awaken Shakti through the entire body, mind & energy system. Chetana has a vast knowledge of the meridian system and self-acupressure massage, working to harmonize the five elements of our unique constitutions. She aims to thread yin & yang calibrations together with hatha (sun and moon) – asanas. In the words of Chetana – “Together we allow the body to speak its unique dialogue unraveling on a somatic psychotherapeutic level, opening an inner listening, open dialogue with your body to unravel it's wisdom and healing potential, embodying yoga into daily life and living."


Chetana will be teaching: 

Acroyoga therapeutics

Dynamic to Restorative yoga

and  offering thaiyoga massage at YogaCamp.


Acroyoga therapeutics - flying inversion massage .incorporates the healing wisdom of cranial sacral lifts ,holds ,supported in the air on one another's feet , to enable a nurturing decompression awakening of the spineand optimal structural re-alignment of the body. We return  as it were to a womblike experience of being  reborn . 

Suspended in space , mutually supporting one another to deeply let go surrender & soften our imagined boundaries and conditioned blockages.


Acro therapeutics Combined with Partner yoga allows a playful , gentle nurturing experience of bhakti yoga moving in devotion ,synchronized together ,unified & harmonising in breath through asana .


We wind down dive into the depth and healing power of presence in touch through thaiyoga massage stretching,palming ,& acupressure of the entire body and meridian lines .Together  we learn to share this amazing healing art learning to give & receive simultaneously until you realize the two become one . ️


With Chetana thornton 07877972311 

email enquires:  

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