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Enlighten summer yoga retreat  

Ditchling, Sussex

August 4/5 , 2018

Lets co-create magic ...

Yoga and Music

with Chetana and Will Thornton


The Yoga ~

Morning fluid Vinyasa Yoga, a time to unwind the fascia and enlighten every cell, bridging consciousness through the form.

  • Our morning yoga sahdana will be fluid ,slowflow vinyasa, building agni ,detoxifying and deconditioning the holding programs and blockages of the body-mind and psyche.

  • We move with curiosity with jana yoga~(self enquiry) ,to dissolve our boundaries of separation consciousness ,our genetic habits to rediscover the pure joy of playful exploration in a voyage of Self discovery guided home back to your real self.empowering transformation core strength,flexibility, balance and creativity.

    *You will receive one on one adjustments and bodywork support according to your needs .The yoga will be calibrated suitable for all.

    Together we open an inner dialogue with the form and energy system to re-awaken the pranic flow for complete intergrated healing and release of our core tension patterns.

  • we illict the Bhakti in yoga to invite space through the conditioned habit to unravel and bridge Love ~the healing alchemy to be embodied through the form.

  • Drawing on the power of pranayama ,mantra yoga ,mudras and bandhas we will download access to these magical ancient codes of self realization .

*Afternoon unifying and playful healing bodywork practices of thaiyoga massage ~learning new skills to share in the power and presence of touch. Partneryoga (no partner needed) ,nurturing connection and support to deepen your yoga practice into unity recognition.*joyful Acroyoga flying massage therapeutics (weather permitting on the lawn).

*Grounding, enlightening ,evening restorative lunar healing practices with Yogatherapy, yin yoga ,restorative &deeply relaxing rejuvenating yoga Nidra.


*Guided Meditations. 

Self-Enquiry & Somatic Meditation. 

Morning silent mindfullness meditation walks in the countryside.

Fire ceremony& meditations .


The Music 

Live Mantra Kirtan & Soundhealing to awaken devotion in celebration of the Divine.Chidanand will weave live music healing soundscapes sculpted in rhythm and tone in intuitive response to the group journey. With harmonium, multi instrumentation, percussion and chants and sacred mantra vocals.

Chidanand will open and close the ceremony of each day and play a live set throughout the asana in the evening restorative yoga ,yoganidra and through the soundhealings with vortexhealing being channelled to support transformation.*( link sample wills music )


You will receive Group VortexHealing to awaken the Heart and clear karmic conditioning.  Transform the chakra system ,open the energy gates of our esoteric and physical anatomy, clear all pathways,& meridian channels and re-pattern the energetic bodies. Supporting renewal of the physical vitality and optimal healthon in all aspects of being facilitaing profound letting go ,opening us to surrender our holding ,grasping and attachment tendencies /samskaras inviting in a new way of living in divine alignment.(



Delicious Organic Vegetarian lunch is provide on both days. Fire ceremony and chai.


All yoga mats blankets and cushions are provided for you.

Please inform us of your dietry requirements in advance and health conditions we may need to know about so we can support your healing transformation over the weekend.

Treatments on offer throughout the weekend.


The weekend deeply nurturing healing Thaiyoga massage with Janee Swan £45/hour.  Please book directly with Janee: email 


Information and travel 

Awakenheartyoga is a mostly non residental retreat home yogashala , we offer low-budget abundant retreats and have 2 rooms for accomodation which get booked out so these require early booking.


Your accommodation options are -


Macs farm (very low budget option)~ 

We can walk to from our garden path out the back of the house lovely camping or barn dormitory options here and organic eggs , great camping kitchen and convenient facilities (gorgeous site from our first yogacamp festival !)

Ditchling village (4 mins away) hassocks ,lewes or Burgess hill,Wivelsfield ~AIRBNB’s or BnB or ~ have many options in these lovely villages and surroundings all are within max 8 mins away from us.  Address here is Amritashala 36,common lane,Ditchling BN68TJ.  The retreat hosue is sign posted with a no 36 bin and a sign Amritashala .


We have no parking at the house unless you have a disability and need direct access,( ask us whats possible). Otherwise parking is free and close by at dumbrells court 2 mins drive out of Ditchling on the right when the downs and ditchling are behind you ,or southview road 1 min drive past the house on the right . 


Full retreat weekend including delicious lunch each day, 10am until 5.30pm. 

£108 p/p

Plus £2.50 booking fee

£190 for pairs booking together

Plus £2.50 booking fee

This exclusive event is limited to 17 people.

Please pay here and register below:

 Any questions please feel free to call us

Chetana -on 07877 972311 or Will - 07885 579295

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