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free talks with our passionate FOODIES

 Rest Vs Activity; a Chinese philosophical approach



Have a personal health assessment through pulses and learn from an ancient Chinese perspective. Acupuncturist and nutritional therapist Eloise Minton presents a talk on the benefits of Rest vs Activity through a Chinese philosophical lens. She will discuss the far-reaching consequences of ‘burnout’, considering the impact on our spirit, emotions, meridian system, reproductive health and overall health. 

In this talk she touches on Chinese 5 element theory, seasonal cycles, dao, and yin yang theory. Her wish is to offer insight, support and practical advice on how we can each find our own point of balance (in this crazy world!). 



Eloise is a classical acupuncturist with a Bachelor of Science (hons) in Oriental medicine and acupuncture from the International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM), UK.

She is a nutritional therapist with an advanced diploma in nutritional healing from the Nutri-heal foundation. 

She has a particular interest in working with psycho-spiritual-emotional imbalances and reproductive health. 

Combining her interests in natural, non-pharmaceutical approaches to healing, Eloise offers a holistic approach; using acupuncture, naturopathic techniques, nutrition and lifestyle advice to support her clients to establish better health. Based in Brighton & London.



2.30pm-3.30pm Sat


12 noon -1.30pm Sat/Sun (before lunch)


Haskel has practised as a medical Herbalist for over ten years. He has led many herbal medicine walks over the years and will teach some of the basics of Western herbal medicine whilst we slowly peruse the fields and hedgerows. Botany is divided into families and species and by teaching in the field you can get to grips with the basics of plant identification and also the plants uses as medicine and food. Haskel has an inclusive approach to leading herb walks and the wisdom and insights of participants is appreciated. There will be an opportunity on the walk to stop and meditate on a plant of the groups choice and to gather and share our individual insights into the plant. 



CBD talk. 

Haskel has been studying and using CBD oil for the last five years with patients. He teaches about it and other cannabinoids to groups of Herbalists and health professionals. In this informal talk with the chance to ask questions, Haskel will share what he has learned in that time working with CBD oil in the treatment of many serious conditions. Haskel has used CBD oil working with patients with Cancer, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, dementia, drug withdrawal.  

Haskel will share the differences between CBD oil and THC, and between different types of CBD oil.  

CBD OIL talk

Sat 4.30 - 5.15pm

UME Nourish

Sun - 4- 5pm



Join us at YogaCamp for a special UMEparents meets UMEnourish, our latest offering where we explore food, feeding, our relationship with eating and nutrition and how a mindful approach can be considered in our everyday nourishment.

Facilitated by Sam McCarthy, UMEUS co-founder and Counselling Therapist, with Suki Sabine, Naturopathic Nutritionist. Save some space for tea and treats...

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