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What are the benefits of Partner Yoga?

Current times are highlighting the increasing need for support & connection within our communities. Living & working alone allow us to enjoy our freedom and independence, but sometimes at a price.

We may attend Yoga classes & retreats alone and although enjoy friendships via our practice; we may be by-passing an essential experience of a deeper, more nourishing and awakening connection with each other.

The meaning of Yoga is of course Union; balancing, embracing & uniting all parts of Ourselves, with all aspects of life surrounding us. This allows us to recognise a feeling of Oneness with all living things, and therefore a sense of inner and outer harmony and peace.

Unity Partner Yoga invites this feeling on a deep and profound level, as we join in pairs, trios and larger groups to share our practice together. All are welcome, as Beginners, Practitioners & Teachers melt together, meeting through Meditation, Breath, Mantra and a series of connective Asanas.

Initial apprehensions of working closely and often intimitely with ‘strangers’ fade as the magic of the practice weaves us through back and forward bends, balances, twists, inversions, balances and standing poses together; taking turns to be more active/passive, giving/receiving.

This Partner Yoga is a unique dance through touching moments of stillness & flowing movement, massage and support. It also offers plenty of laughter and lightness; smiling, giggling and a sense of being a part of warm and inclusive group experience. It is sacred and fun at the same time.

The experience is a mutual flow between 2 or more Partners, which often highlights how we are in interpersonal and group interactions; are we able to receive/give in healthy balance? Can we sit quietly with another through caring gaze and connection, can we stay present to our own needs whilst recognising and responding to those of others?

Partner Yoga has the possibility of uniting people of all cultures, ages, abilities, body types and beliefs through this fun and sacred dance of connective Yoga.

With Love,

Sevanti x

Sevanti's Biog

Sevanti created the Unity Studio in Brighton, where her general Unity Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (IYN) has been running for 13 years.

In response to the interest of her Partner Yoga teaching, retreats and DVDs, she created the Diploma in Unity Partner Yoga that runs over two weekends (Sept '15 & Jan '16 + exam in Mar '16), also recognised by the IYN. It is set up for existing Yoga Teachers (or those soon to study/qualify), to be able to weave Partner Yoga into their established Yoga Classes, or to teach Specific Partner Yoga classes & workshops for general or specific groups (e.g.Pregnancy).

All of Sevanti’s Diplomas are small, friendly, intimate groups, weaving some dance and moving meditations, some massage and healing into the certified courses. Students from the many paths of Yoga are welcome, joining together in a down to earth, authentic and fun approach to learn this exciting form of Yoga.

Sevanti has been working on this material for over 12 years, combining her passion for movement and dance, massage and various forms of bodywork and healing into this practice.

After her initial work with Partner Yoga-Partner Sarah Jennings, Sevanti has now shaped it into this course, DVDs, and a book which she is currently working on. Sevanti teaches workshops in Unity Partner Yoga in Brighton, Retreats in the UK and annually in SW Turkey and Thailand.

Partner Yoga is of course never intended to negate or replace our ultimate individual practice, however it can offer something incredibly beneficial for absolutely everyone to experience together, to accentuate and celebrate the true meaning of Yoga.

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