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My Sweet Self Practice

One of my favourite things to do for morning self-practice….consciously decide not to pressure myself to do any particular yoga pose or limit myself to any such practice…

…doesn’t always happen but this morning my mat become such a sweet space to be…

…I just ‘was’ my mind receded and my body led the way…

…slowness, feeling, soft, intuitive, surrendered, un-pressured….

…very little doing and about 2% physical effort…

a soft ebb and flow of gentle spirals, and subtle undulations like the ethereal billowing pulsation of a jellyfish floating and suspended in a body of water. Not led from my brain, evolving within my body and ‘no-mind’.


A languid yet clear and pure river of energy was ‘allowed’ to flow inside me, just by giving myself permission to slow down, to stay wherever the body wanted me to be still, sinking into myself and breathing without force…


This is what I feel to be ‘Shakti’ in yoga. The creative energy flow naturally inherent within. it’s active and CAN be wild and effervescent but it but can also be so sweet and subtle in a gracious, delicate and most natural of ways.

It has been ‘Womb Yoga’ that has helped me to remember myself this way; the way I love to move and be. The Womb Yoga practices have re-inspired softness and tenderness towards my own body, my mind, my heart and my energy.

I feel tapped into a naturally arising source of inner vitality…



Emma will be offering workshops in Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Flow at the Camp.

More details on the schedule here -!yoga-schedule/c1mt7

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