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Miriam Kisters

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Miriam  teaches  an introduction to Drupad .

Drupad is the earliest form of Indian classical music and is the very pinnacle of mindful meditative singing (voice work).

Miriam Kisters, tell us..........

1. How do you like to start your day?


I always start my days with some warm ginger water. I chop the Ginger, pour boiling water over it and add cool water. Then I get my little altar ready for some asanas. To be honest, I usually do gentle stretches on the floor with some sun salutations to get into my body , rather than anything energetic. 

After that, I put on some music and make my breakfast. I love a slow start into the day by myself.​​



2. Top tip on including self care into your day?


Stop and listen! I love a hot Epsom salt bath, which is my go to self care treat, but I find that self care is so much more about checking in your true needs, rather what you think you should be doing. Do I really need to tick everything off my to list? Or would it benefit my well-being (and everyone around me) to spend a few minutes with my legs up the wall? We can get so caught up by the ‘I should’, that we forget, the most simple self care treat can be right in front of us.


3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

During lockdown I spent a lot of time listening to Brene Browns ‘unlocking us‘ podcast and I just revisited some of her work on wholehearted living. I love  that all work is founded in research, which makes it very down to earth and accessible. 

I came across her a few years back and I believe that her ideas around vulnerability, shame, self compassion, creativity and self worth have really helped me in every way.


4 Name a song that you love and why?

When I’m stressed, I find the melody of Raag Yaman to be my go to Raga. It’s name is derived from the river Yamuna and it’s also sometimes called ‘raga of stillness’. 


Dhrupad isn’t about singing many crazy notes, that one might be associating with Indian music, it’s about exploring each one and finding the connection to the divine through that. So I can find myself singing three or four notes and I get that timeless feeling of being held, feeling save and protected, I’m at home. 

Jane Simmons

About me

Growing up in Southeast London and Kent, my earliest memories of foraging are collecting plants, fruit, berries and nuts throughout the year with my parents.  

Having an insatiable passion for food, I pursued this interest as an adult. I’m continually experimenting and adding different wild foods to my diet and what’s more, there is an abundance of wild ingredients on my doorstep, right here in Hitchin!

Jane Simmons

Jane Simmons, tell us..........

1. How do you like to start your day?


Where possible I like to dip or swim in cold water, whether this be a nearby river, steam or the sea.  I have a close group of like minded women friends and at the moment we are getting up earlier and earlier to try to be in the water as the sun is rising. I have found it is the most mindful experience as there is nothing else to focus on other than regulating my breathing, feeling the sensation of the cold water on my skin and being serenaded by the birds in the dawn chorus.


2. Top tip on including self care into your day?


I travel a fair amount and love to indulge in a audible book which allows my takes my mind to another place.


3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?


Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods - 


I was privileged to join one of Mark’s mushroom foraging courses in Scotland last year. He has immense knowledge and shares his wisdom in an insightful and entertaining way.



4. Name a yoga pose you love and why?


Dancer - makes me focus on balance and is particularly helpful to me in my other hobby as a defender in netball.


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