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Nicola Price

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When I came to breathwork in 2010, I knew I had found my calling. I have dedicated my working life to breathwork and absolutely love seeing the way it is now accepted and respected as an option for improving health.

My background in professional coaching and corporate training was the perfect groundwork for sharing my passion and teaching breathwork. I’m thrilled to see our community slowly growing with such talented and loving breathworkers.

Most of my time is spent in our growing community, running training and workshops. I also love sharing breath and my ideas on social media where it is free :-) though I do offer private sessions for anyone who is serious in wanting to become a breath worker.

My personal Affirmations

I choose Freedom

I choose Love

I am at Peace

What lights my fire?

Motorbike riding in the mountains

Winter sea swims

Connection to family, friends and the community

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Bop and Breathe - Monday’s 8.50am - 9.00am GMT

Diana Sampson

Like many yogi's before me, my passion for the ancient path of yoga sprung out of an injury on a physical level. A debilitating back problem brought me to a yoga class, and immediately something stirred in me. The breath opened me up to something so familiar; a feeling of home. I knew I had to have yoga in my life everyday.


I founded Luna Rhythms Yoga in 2007 and within this offer coaching, teacher training, retreats and courses linked to nature’s cycles. 


After studying the ancient texts of India in my yogic enquires, I began to wander what was happening in my own land around the same time, 5000 years ago. This enquiry lead me to a norse coven, here in England, where I studied and practiced for 13 years. The Nordic and Celtic traditions have many similarities to the yogic path, and so I decided to create a system that incorporates both.

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Nicola: tell us about your Yogacamp workshops:

Inspirational Breathing


Workshop 1. Breath Pattern Analysis - 

1. Explore your breathing pattern. Discover where in your respiratory system there is dysfunction and typically, the origin of why each pattern gets distorted. 

2. We get to the fixes and your best position for a fully flowing breath. 

3. Together we start a breathing practice to restore equilibrium. 


Workshop 2. A conscious connected Inspirational Breathing session.

You will be guided through an exploration of the tools, the power of your breath, toning, the element of touch, affirmations, visualisation and movement. A restorative and relaxing ending connects to highest conscious and an opportunity for receiving personal guidance.


Diana Sampson, tell us..........


1. How do you like to start your day?

My mindset practice; being in meditation, calling in high vibrational words and feelings that will support me in showing up fully for this life today! This is just the best way to start any day. Life is short and I want to show up for it as fully as I can.

2. Top tip on including self care into your day?

Definitely being kind to myself. If things don’t work out as I might have hoped it’s ok! 


Another top tip is to have infinite faith and trust in the unfolding of my day, and that everything I need will always be there.

3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

Wayne Dyer. I love his wisdom. I could listen to him all day. Especially in his elder years, he offered such heart centred teachings, but I especially appreciated his teachings on the Tao. These teachings are lead by nature, which is essentially how I love to express my offerings: being guided by our greatest teacher Nature! His translations of the Tao Te Ching are exquisite.

4. Name a yoga pose you love and why?

I love Natarajasana

I love the focus that balances bring. The steady slow breath and one pointed attention that this balance must have for it to be a success.

I love the strength it brings to my legs and feet, and I love the feeling of my hips as they click and release!!

It’s also good for the digestive system and this feels amazing!

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