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Dot Bowen

Dot Bowen has been facilitating Teacher Development Courses since 2015, and has a wealth of experience to draw from in guiding practitioners to their own Yoga. Her practice is rooted in the work of Vanda Scaravelli - (Awakening the Spine).


"Yoga is a radical practice, inviting change and responsibility.  It is timeless, and offers the means to become deeply present, intelligent, and peaceful, while also recognising that we are dynamic and evolving!"

Dot offers a 200hr Yoga course is for teachers, aspiring teachers or anyone interested in discovering more of their potential through Yoga.  


Dot Bowen, tell us..........

1. How do you like to start your day?

I start my day with a stroll outside to my chicken coop. It's part of my daily practice, attending to the needs of the animals and gives me a chance to "feel" the weather, and the qualities of the day. ​

2. Top tip on including self care into your day?


The easiest self-care practice I have is scraping my tongue and thoroughly sloshing water around my mouth and nose as soon as I wake up. I splash my face and eyes, and then use a nice oil to moisturise skin and nostrils. 

It's completely refreshing, and I don't have to think about it but it changes so much about how my body greets tastes, smells and sights. 

3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

I am quite obsessed with Orland Bishop who I came across while following Charles Eisenstein (Charles wrote "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible" amongst other books) and Orland is a unique human being with very stimulating perspectives on existentialism. Here is a link to two conversations between them.

4. Name a yoga pose that you love and why?

I love Yoga asana so much! Every time I practice I discover more about the intelligence of the body and the potential of asana to re-invigorate innate strengths we have, and parts that have become dull. If I had to pick one that encompasses the cosmic principles of centring and expansion, I would probably go for garudasana or Eagle pose. This might look like a difficult pose because of all the wrapping of legs and arms but it is really a very stabilising and strengthening arrangement around the centre of gravity and the spine.  Eagle pose reflects the energetic form of the torus, with energy streaming through the central channel and circulating through the crown and the root.  Vanda Scaravelli, who is my main influence in Yoga, wrote a book called Tra Terra e Cielo - we know it as "Awakening the Spine" in English, but it means 'Between Earth and Sky'.  Garudasana  describes our connection to earth down through strong root, and up into space through uplifted wings. 

Maria Nayler

In the words of a receiver of Maria's gift:

We came, we cried, we surrendered to your ancient magical medicine wisdom.

My personal vibration was so low on Thursday after months of mental depletion that I was resistant to the kind birthday offer from a friend of your Sound therapy on Friday. You took me on a journey of healing and transformation that I didn’t know or had forgotten to believe was possible for me to experience. You are a light worker in the true sense and the universe is a better place to have you on your powerful healing journey. Thank you.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 12.55.56.png

Maria Nayler, tell us..........


1. How do you like to start your day?

Start my day with not much of a ritual just a good old fashion cuppa tea and a smile for the world 

2. Top tip on including self care into your day?

Always have a sing or a hum. Everyday. 

3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

Ayahuasca. A ceremonial plant medicine from Peru. Although I’ve not drunk her for the past three years, she guides me, holds my space, reminds me constantly of my path. Working with this plant for three years previous has definatly changed my outlook on life, the enviourment and nature. 

4. Name a sound you love and why?
As a musician and singer I don’t have a favourite sound,  that’s too difficult to say, there’s too many, however if I had to choose between instruments and the voice I choose voice. 

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