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Sam Jenkins

The Secret Yoga Garden classes are themed and inspired by nature and the seasons connecting to the phases of the moon. This draws in elements and how they connect to the mind, body, and spirit with an emphasis on breath and mindful movement. Our classes are aimed supporting women’s health and spiritual wellbeing.

Sam Jenkins

Ann Mathie

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My journey with this study started when I was a young girl.  My father would passionately describe his own life-changing transcendental experiences that occurred spontaneously and through meditation.  I can remember knowing from an early age that I would, in whatever way I could, work towards building a world free from a limited view of our human potential.  


My wish is that what I offer here may help others, whether in practices for freedom or with frameworks that gently hold extraordinary experiences.  To the best of my ability, I have researched the practices from past masters to support others on their journey.  I have examined traditional Yogic, Buddhist and Tantric texts through the lens of a scholar and practitioner deeply devoted to the path of freedom. 


Further information:

Sam, tell us..........

1. How do you like to start your day?

I start my day with a reiki chakra meditation & breath work , a affirmation I am of what I am grateful for !


2. Top tip on including self care into your day?

A Cold shower to wake me up .followed by warm lemon/ lime with ginger .


3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

There are so many wonderful teachers that inspire me.

I love Deva Premal and her passion and magical voice bringBig  mantra into The world . ‘ Gayatri mantra ‘ lights me up and is a song of liberation !

My personal mantra , ‘ live life to the fullest , go with the flow listen to your body , when we find space we can heal .'



4. Name a body pose you love and why?

I love all asanas and connect to The instinctual Rhyum of nature connecting motherearth her moon phases seasons  . But one of my favourites is Eagle pose ( Garudasana).

I love the grounding of the roots to the freedom to fly and soar like the spirit of the eagle to land and come inwards to connect to the third eye and all the wisdom in between. Brings strength ,focus , and clarity.

Ann, tell us..........

1. How do you like to start your day?​​

I love to start my day with a cup of tea and cuddle with any member of my family.  This always sets the right tone.  For me, a shower is always next on the list.  It’s not the cleaning process, per se, but to be submerged in water always refreshes my spirit.  

2. Top tip on including self care into your day?

I have always acutely felt how what I put into my body affects my general mood the next day.  If I eat healthy (fresh fruit, vegs and nuts), then I have a steady flow of energy and my mood is balanced. I have also found that any exercise or yoga postures here and there is a must even if it’s only for a few minutes. This clears away any mental and physical stagnation and keeps my energy levels up. These simple things have proved to be the most effective way to take care of my body.  Most of all, I am constantly learning to listen to my body’s needs.  The quieter I am, the clearer the message. I think we all know what it is we have to do if we can stop for a moment and listen to how we feel. 

3. Who is one of your key inspirations and why?

There are so many amazing people who inspire me for different reasons but the one who will always stand at the centre of my world is the historical Buddha.  His motivation to completely overcome human suffering points me towards the right intent to practice and his teachings have gotten me through my darkest hours.  I know that the practices he taught have brought me to profound psychological changes for the better. His logic and insights are being discovered today in quantum physics and neuroscience and the path he laid out for everyone transcends culture and time.  The more I study the life of the Buddha, the more I am inspired to walk a path of  dharma.​


4 Name a yoga pose that you love and why?

I can't help thinking about what my body and mind would be like if I hadn’t practised yoga asana over the years.  I think I have managed to swerve a whole lot of physical and mental suffering through regular yoga practice.  I can very clearly see the difference it makes when I don’t do it! Over the years I have learned about my own physical and mental weaknesses, and I have adapted my practise to suit my needs.  This is why I believe that cultivating your own practice is so important.   But the asana that I love the most is Siddhasana (seated meditation posture).  I practice the other postures so that I can fully arrive at Siddhasana, tall and lifted with a light mind.   For me, this whole posture is an attitude that I work at cultivating in my day-to-day life. 



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